Privacy Policy

The Visual MOT app does not record any personally identifiable information. There are currently no tracking or analytics implemented into the app. Therefore the app developers cannot track how the app is used or by whom. Emails sent via the app are not copied to any email address other than those specified by the user, however the app does use the developer's email hosting to provide the email services, therefore access to emails and attachments is retained by the developer. These emails will never be read and photos never viewed unless strictly necessary for technical support and maintenance of the app. Emails will not be shared with any third party and will be regularly deleted from the hosting account. When using the SMS sending option the MOT report gets uploaded to the developers' web hosting along with the images and comments attached. These files are treated the same as emails and will only ever be used for technical reasons, and never for marketing or other purposes without direct consent from the user. These files will also be regularly deleted. All payments are handled through the relevant platform's (iOS or Android) In App Billing service and therefore no payment information is ever accessed or retained by the developer. Usage of this app for any illegal or immoral purposes is prohibited and the developer reserves the right to use any means necessary to prevent the app to be used for illegal or immoral activity. The developer does not accept any liability for abuse of the app and users must accept all liability relating to information uploaded (text and photos) using the app. Usage of the app is contingent on agreeing with this privacy policy.